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About the University of Arizona

At University of Arizona—located in Tucson, Arizona--students choose from more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degrees through 20 colleges and 11 schools. From the physical and life sciences to social sciences to business management to engineering and optics, UA programs and people are among the best in the country. The rich diversity of our student population, and plethora of leadership and involvement opportunities will enrich your experience beyond the classroom in terms of developing lasting friendships, expanding your professional and academic networks and skills, and achieving the educational outcomes that employers seek.

Transferring to the UA

Congratulations! You are planning to take the next step toward your academic goals—the completion of a four-year degree at a preeminent, research extensive, and student-centered institution. We embrace the commitment, experience, and diversity that transfer students bring to the UA campus and anticipate your arrival with great enthusiasm. Several options are introduced below, and we encourage you to explore them AND make contact with an advisor at the University of Arizona as early as possible to discuss your transfer plans. Even if you are still in high school it is not too early to speak with an advisor. Please go to the following website for more information about advisors:

There are many paths toward a four-year degree as an in-state transfer student which are highlighted below. Work with your high school counselor (if applicable), community college counselor, and university advisor to map out your customized path toward a bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona. We look forward to your arrival at Wildcat Country!

For more information about transferring to the University of Arizona, please visit

Explore majors at the University at When you select a major, you can click on “AZ Transfer Course Equivalents” tab to see which community college classes transfer and to which UA courses they are equivalent. If you are planning to major in a business major under the Eller College of Management, the equivalencies are not yet available as these pages are still under construction. For great information about transferring as a business major, go to

Also, there are several pathway agreements in place between Arizona in-state community colleges and The University of Arizona. Please go the following URL to learn more about these pathways*:

*Please note that these pathways are not the ONLY pathways to a degree at UA. You may complete many courses or two-year degrees and still transfer to the University of Arizona. In addition to communicating with your community college advisor, we recommend that you speak with a UA advisor about your goals early in your academic career (by the end of your second semester at a community college). You can find contact information for UA advisors at

Transferring Your Associate's Degree

There are many Associate’s Degree programs you can complete for seamless transfer to the University of Arizona. Please talk to your community college advisor about your options.

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Transferring Your AGEC

The Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) is not a degree program but a block of courses that you may complete that would satisfy all of the general education requirements (except foreign language) and you have the option of moving on the University of Arizona at this point or proceeding to finish an associate’s degree at your community college before enrolling at the University of Arizona.

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