Submission Form Fields

Below are the form fields required for each proposal submission:

  • Lead presenter name, title, institution, email, and phone
  • Co-presenter name, title, institution, and email (optional)
  • Session Title
  • Session Description for Summit Program (100 words maximum)
  • Session Abstract (250 words maximum)
  • Alignment to Selected Session Track (100 words)


Your session must align with one of four tracks:

  • Charting the Course (sessions with basic transfer information appropriate for attendees who are new to transfer in Arizona)
  • Blazing Trails (best practices)
  • Changing Coordinates (emerging programs and innovations)
  • Field Notes (research, curriculum, and instruction)

Ideas for Generating Great Sessions

Buddy up. Transfer is all about partnerships-- work with a colleague at a partner institution to b develop a session celebrating your successful collaborations.

Be practical. Design a session that provides participants with a useful takeaway that can be practically implemented at their institution or develop a sharing session that involves participants in creating a list of best practices.

Think broadly. Although the AZTransfer Summit focuses on transfer, there are many broader education topics, policies, and initiatives that involve transfer. Create a session that explains how transfer plays a role in these topics. 

Get back to basics. Think about a session for individuals who are new to transfer. What expertise do you have that can benefit others?

Dig deeper. There are many components of transfer that are complex and touch on different aspects of education in Arizona. Develop a session that dives deep into a small subject area to see what new information or opportunities may arise.

Writing Great Session Titles & Descriptions

Good session titles are exciting and will pique interests. Good descriptions are thorough but succinct and help participants determine if the session is a good fit for them. This is your opportunity to sell your session idea to the selection committee and conference-goers!

Here are some helpful resources for ideas on writing excellent proposals:

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