University Transfer Information for Veterans

Participation in a collegiate honors program is an incredible academic opportunity to both challenge yourself and surround yourself with others with similar intellectual ambitions.

Arizona students may begin their honors involvement at a community college and continue their honors experiences upon transferring to our three state universities. AZTransfer works in partnership with the Arizona State Honors Council (AZHC) to ensure honors students have a seamless transfer experience.

Each institution provides a unique set of programs, resources, and services to ensure a rewarding and enriching undergraduate education. Eligibility requirements and timelines for application and admission vary by university, so be sure to meet with a university honors advisor early to confirm your next steps.


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Students in ASU’s Barrett, The Honors College experience a small, intellectually and socially vibrant community where their own unique talents and interests are nurtured and developed. Honors students also have access to the vast resources of Arizona State University and enroll in a disciplinary college to pursue one or more of 275-plus majors and concentrations. Motivated, well-rounded, and high-achieving undergraduates attending other universities and colleges who are considering transfer to Arizona State University should explore the many benefits of Barrett, The Honors College enrollment. Joining Barrett expands the opportunities available in the ASU academic major, grows an individual’s network of caring faculty and staff, and provides access to the customized honors education that seamlessly integrates into any degree program available at the four metropolitan Phoenix campuses of ASU.

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If you’re an academically-motivated student, NAU’s University Honors Program will help you push academic boundaries. Surround yourself with a strong community of engaged scholars for support and inspiration that use civility, compassion, empathy, and humility to make our world a better and brighter place. Our rigorous, personalized program of study with honors-distinguished coursework, will challenge your intellect and stimulate your love of learning. Upon graduation you will receive special honors distinction on your diploma and transcripts, helping you gain a competitive edge early in your chosen career. These Honors highlights serve as proof of your diligence and drive--someone who stands out to future employers or top-notch graduate schools.

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UA’s Honors College will expand your horizons and help you prepare for your career through engaging Honors classes, personalized advising, funded research, study abroad opportunities, community service, and social and cultural activities that nourish students’ quests for new knowledge, social responsibility and alliances. Here our community of scholars – students, faculty, alumni, parents and friends – will find ways of connecting and engaging. In our daily work at the college, we strive to nurture a strong sense of community among these groups—a community that honors individual members while at the same time transforms them. And that's really what life—and one of its most important milestones, a college education—is all about: transformation. The very essence of higher education is to explore, discover and create, and our students do this in every facet of their lives: academic, personal, professional, physical, spiritual and intellectual.

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